Lake Saimaa is the fourth largest fresh water lake in Europe and the largest lake in Finland, connecting many of the larger towns of Finnish Lakeland. Lake Saimaa's sparkling, pure waters are dotted with 14 000 islands, making it a winding labyrinth filled with breathtaking scenery and the purest nature. Whichever way you are travelling, Saimaa is sure to show you its charms, on water and land alike.

Saimaa spirit is the purest Finland. It is water, nature, culture, history – it is us. It is you. Welcome.


Hear the quiet call of birdsong, the occasional splash of fish jumping in the lake, the soft ripple of waves created by the gently blowing, warm, summer wind. Sweet, long autumn evenings are filled with sounds of flickering candles and gentle dockside conversations whilst locals and visitors alike make the most of the warmth. On a sunny, crisp winter’s day hear the crunch of fresh snow under your feet and the crackling of the log fire keeping you warm. Spring will offer you the sounds of awakenings as nature is starting it’s never ending trek of seasons.


Lake Saimaa, the jewel of Finnish Lakeland, is a destination to fulfil all your senses. Feast your eyes on the labyrinth of clear, sparkling waters and the winding green forestry full of nature’s delights from early spring to late summer. The endangered Saimaa ringed seal enjoying the spring sunshine is a sight to behold and the endless light of midsummer nights is a memory you will carry with you forever. Watch the scenery turn from intense, summery green, to beautiful red and orange hues of autumn and on to glistening diamonds of pure white snow of winter.


Listed in the top 5 most beautiful lakes in the world by The Wall Street Journal in 2014, Lake Saimaa's breathtaking scenery and the strong spirit of it's people make it a unique destination to visit.


Giving Saimaa another one of it’s unique aspects, is the endangered Saimaa ringed seal, or Norppa in Finnish - one of the rarest seals in the world, with only around 360 of them surviving today. Threatened by the climate change and fishing nets, local volunteers are working extremely hard to help the seals with their birthing every year by building snowbanks for the seals to use during winters to protect their pups. Net fishing is also banned – and adhered to - in most of the Saimaa area during the birthing season.


You will never be bored at Lake Saimaa. The region offers plenty of activities for all seasons - whatever your activity or thrill-seeking level.

In the summertime, take in the magnificent sights of Lake Saimaa on a boat or a canoe. Relax by the dock and try your hand at fishing or take a leisurly stroll in the calm forests admiring the different shades of deep green around you. Visit the many cultural events on offer and immerse yourself in the local and social culture of the Saimaa region. Heat up a sauna and try a refreshing dip in the lake. Cycling, horse riding, hiking, berry picking... you won't run out of things to do!


Saimaa region offers a unique mix of cultural events, sights and attractions and history and heritage. From the globe's most northern most medieval castle hosting a world class opera festival, to hearing the stories of days gone by in the wooden vicarages of the region, or experiencing the grand state hotel by the largest rapids in Europe to seeing the 6000 year-old rock paintings - you can be sure to find pure culture anywhere you go in the Saimaa region.


Nature is also in the centre of Saimaa gastronomy. Fresh, local ingredients are the basis of the cuisine of the region - whether they come from a local farm, fisherman or forest. Local delicacies will tempt you wherever you go - often served with an ice-cold craft beer from a local brewery or a glass of berry wine from a vineyard around the corner. You can enjoy our pure food at the many unique restaurants and cafes the region has to offer - or more simply by an open fire at a lakeside cottage. It will taste delicious no matter where you are!


Along with the fourth biggest lake in Europe, Saimaa region is also home to two magnificent National Parks and several geologically renowned sites. Surrounded by the vast forests and never-ending shores of Saimaa, you will be able to relax and breathe in all the goodness around you. The nature is ever present in the Finnish way of life - in towns and cities as well as the more secluded areas. Nature is one of the foundations of Saimaa spirit visible all around the region.


The pure food, culture and nature of Saimaa region contribute to your wellbeing in the most positive way. The sauna has traditionally been considered the healer of all ailments - this coupled with the cool, calm waters of Lake Saimaa and food made with fresh, local ingredients, will genuinely give you an experience of a purer you.


Lake Saimaa is in the province of Eastern Finland, in what many call the Finnish lake district. In this area, the towns of Imatra, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Savonlinna and Varkaus are all only a short drive from each other.

Imatra 264km
Lappeenranta 230km
Mikkeli 230km
Savonlinna 332km
Varkaus 319km

Imatra 196km
Lappeenranta 197km
Mikkeli 307km
Savonlinna 317km
Varkaus 365km